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Welcome and enjoy our exclusive Sea-Collection

These are real and beautiful sea treasures. Each sea urchin is completely unique.

Each product is different in subtleties from each other, since all sea urchins are different in color and structure.

We don't kill these sea urchins. We pull them out from the sea - mostly only the shells of these urchins, or after big storms we collect them from the coast...

       After removing the needles, the sea urchins are soaked in a special solution. Then they are finally cleaned and after processing and drying they are soaked and impregnated with a two-component resin. After re-processing, they are attached (mostly) to various silver blanks from our partners or go to our jeweler for special preparation.

      Some designs - like pendants, which backside is not placed on the plate of the the work-piece, you can on the reverse side look inside a sea urchin. And if you hold it up to the light, you can clearly see the special beauty of the original structure.

These are real sea treasures, crafted with great love ????

Since this year we have been using: Crystals from these partners

  We use crystals for the top

of the sea urchins.

And from this year

especially from this manufacturer/partner.
(Gemstones only to order)




We welcome various ideas for your orders

with sea urchins We welcome various ideas for your orders with sea urchinsWe welcome various ideas for your orders with sea urchins

 We wait for your ideas


Various sea beauties with Gold/Silver Chains

or without

Take a look to ohter Sea-Beauties



Expect the latest models from the latest collections soon

SEA - JEWELRY / Olena Hrynenko / Berliner Alee 45, 40212 Dusseldorf, Germany / jewelry@exclusive-management.de